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Instructions for Authors

Guidance for Authors on the Preparation and Submission of Manuscripts to the Journal of Radiotherapy and Medical Oncology

  • Scope: The Journal of Radiotherapy and Medical Oncology (formerly Radioterapie & Oncologie Medicală) publishes papers, which are of a high standard and which contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of radiotherapy and medical oncology. The journal also publishes review articles, case reports, and brief communications (including book reviews) on those specific topics. Review articles should report current and/or fundamental aspects in oncology; case reports should focus on diagnostic, therapeutic, and post-therapeutic problems. Letters to the Editor, mentioning an opinion on an article previously published or referring to current points of interest, are welcome. Technical notes will also be accepted if on topics of professional interest.
  • The website address of the Journal of Radiotherapy and Medical Oncology is http://www.jradonco.ro. The journal is published quarterly and papers are accepted for publication in English. Papers should be submitted electronically, using our website (upload in Office word format) or by email to the Editorial office: editor_JRMO@iocn.ro
  • Please consider the following points before submission and make the appropriate declarations in your covering letter which should accompany your article:
    1. Redundant or duplicate publication: We ask you to confirm that your paper has not been published in its current form or a substantially similar form (in print or electronically, including on a web site), that it has not been accepted for publication by another journal, and that it is not under consideration by another publication. The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) has provided details regarding duplicate or redundant publications (http://www.icmje.org). In your cover letter to the editors, please mention any published work that concerns the same patients or subjects as the present paper.
    2. Conflicts of interest: We ask authors to state all possible conflicts of interest, including financial and other relationships. If you are sure that there is no conflict of interest, please state this also. The sources of funding should be acknowledged in your paper.
    3. Permission to reproduce previously published material: Please send us copies of permission to reproduce material (such as illustrations) from the copyright holder.
    4. Patient consent forms: The protection of a patient’s right to privacy is essential. Please send copies of the patient’s consent forms on which patients or other subjects of your experiments clearly grant permission for the publication of photographs or other material that might identify them. If the consent form for your research does not specifically include this, please obtain it or remove the identifying material. Even if patient-identifying material is not included in your paper, all studies dealing with patients or normal volunteers (including case reports) need their (or in case of minors, their parents’) written informed consent. A statement must be included in the ‘Methods’ section of your paper.
    5. Each paper must contain the following:
      • Authors’ Disclosures of Potential Conflicts of Interest. (The authors indicated no potential conflicts of interest.)
      • Author Contributions:
        • – Conception and design:
        • – Provision of study material or patients:
        • – Collection and assembly of data:
        • – Data analysis and interpretation:
        • – Manuscript writing:
        • – Final approval of manuscript: Authors’ signature.
    6. Ethical steatement Work on human beings that is submitted to the journal should comply with the principles presented in the Declaration of Helsinki and the recommendations guiding physicians in biomedical research involving human subjects, adopted by the 18th World Medical Assembly, Helsinki, Finland, June 1964, amended by the 29th World Medical Assembly, Tokyo, Japan, October 1975, the 35th World Medical Assembly, Venice, Italy, October 1983, and the 41st World Medical Assembly, Hong Kong, September 1989. Authors must state clearly in their submission in the Methods section that the work has been approved by the appropriate ethical committees related to the institution(s) in which it was performed and that subjects gave informed consent to the work. Similarly, there must be a statement that experiments involving animals adhered to ethical standards. The editors reserve the right to reject papers in which, in their opinion, the ethical justification is questionable.
    7. Authorship: We ask that all authors sign the submission letter. We, therefore, ask all authors to confirm that they have read and approved the paper. We also ask all authors to confirm that they have met the criteria for authorship as established by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, believe that the paper represents honest work, and are able to verify the validity of the results reported.
    8. Copyright assignment: Papers are accepted for publication on the understanding that exclusive copyright in the paper is assigned to the Journal of Radiotherapy and Medical Oncology

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