Măsuri recomandate în vederea reducerii impactului pandemiei COVID-19 asupra pacienților oncologici și asupra serviciilor de oncologie.

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Journal of Radiotherapy and Medical Oncology

At 26 years since the Journal of Radiotherapy and Medical Oncology was first published, we would like to thank the authors and editors for their work. Together, we covered a broad range of topics, including different aspects of radiotherapy, medical oncology, hematology, oncological surgery, and cancer research.

We are pleased to announce that the editorial office has welcomed new enthusiastic members: Ciprian Ionut Tomuleasa (Editor in Chief), Claudia Burz, (Associate Chief Editor) Andrei Cismaru, Tiberiu Popescu, Monica Chirila (Deputy Editors), Razvan George Curca (Art&Design Editor). Moreover, a Legal Section Editor Rodica Diana Apan and new members from different national and international centers have been included in the editorial board.

For this current issue we have selected the works dedicated to the oncological pathology and the influence of COVID-19 pandemic on its multidisciplinary approach. The submission process has been simplified and information for authors has been restructured to be easily identified and followed on the journal’s homepage.

The Journal of Radiotherapy and Medical Oncology is published biannually and contains sections such as original articles, review articles, case reports, letters, and comments as well as four new sections: “Perspective reflections”, “Retrospections of a senior scientist”, “Patient’s advocacy” “Education” and the “Legal aspects” sections. Perspective Reflections provide a forum for expert viewpoints on recent developments in research fields of oncology and radiotherapy, including the opportunity of informed speculation on present and future developments in the field of oncological pathology. Retrospections of a Senior Scientist contains mostly articles by senior scientists who recalled their own career achievements. However, the scope can be directed towards reflections on outstanding scientific achievements that the authors themselves had made or had influenced in one way or another. The Patient’s advocacy, Education and Legal sections will include the most relevant papers in their field. The Journal of Radiotherapy and Medical Oncology invites articles addressing the history of scientific notions (paradigms, discoveries, theories, etc.) related to the oncological pathology that have influenced or resulted in lasting scientific knowledge, in the laboratory or in clinical practice.

We are living exciting times with the progress of targeted therapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy technologies, and surgery techniques. The results of new clinical trials are encouraging more work in these fields.
Our journal is dedicated to scientific progress, novel ideas, and to debates on these topics, as well. Therefore, we encourage enthusiastic authors to submit their best work and help establish our journal as a leading publication in this important field. Going forward, the Journal of Radiotherapy and Medical Oncology will continue in its endeavor of publishing the latest discoveries and challenging ideas in the field, in order to grow and develop together with its contributors.

Associate Prof. Dr. Claudia Burz
President of the Romanian Society for Radiotherapy
and Medical Oncology (RSRMO)