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OESO 13th World Conference „The Esophagiome”, Emerging Issues in Health and Disease

The Esophagiome concept

The Esophagiome can help the clinician to understand complex clinical cases, as well as it is a tool for basic scientists to gather and understand new information on esophagus function. The esophagiome describes the physiological dynamics of the normal intact esophagus and is built upon interdisciplinary approaches with application to esophageal diseases.

The term comes from “esophago-” (the organ) and “-ome” (as a whole).
The esophagiome is a completely new concept derived from the humane physiome project.

As presented to the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS) by its Commission on Bioengineering in Physiology in 1993, the physiome is the quantitative description of the functioning organism in normal and pathophysiological conditions.

The concept will aid development in esophagology and aid collaboration between basic scientists and clinicians. The esophagiome project is a multicentric, integrated program to design, develop, implement, test, document, archive and disseminate quantitative information and integrative models of the functional behavior of the esophagus in health and disease.

A major feature of the project is the databasing of experimental observations for retrieval and evaluation. The development of comprehensive models of biological systems is a key to pharmaceutics, design of drugs, medical device development and interventional procedures in the aim of better predicting the results of treatments.

OESO 13th World Conference „The Esophagiome”, Emerging Issues in Health and Disease